Some obligatory comic historia

Guys guys GUYS.

With all the work i was stuck into lately, i forgot something important it seems. The Highest Bet. Yeah


Wattt da fuck. Dafuk is this. It's soon said. The Highest Bet is my first true webcomic. My first actually was the fancomic Housepets! 1X, this is my first ORIGINAL webcomic, the fruit of the experience i made with that comic. We can say 1X was some kind of a training that turned into a true comic but that's, as they say, another story.

The Highest Bet's idea is born in october, 2012. I wanted to create a sci-fi comic, since it was a field i didn't explore that much till then... also, i was in period of my life a was pretty sick of the mainstream action comics mania. It's the same period i've almost stopped reading comics because of this thing... and since 1X was one of'em, i've almost lost my will to work on it. I wanted something different. Really different.

Then i thought... what about something that denies combat, or at least limitates it considerably? Enough with violence, enough with combats, fuck it. Mh, i can't say enough with foul language, i'm just addicted to it. And then... it came out this.


In november 2012, i made this, just to test the appearance of the idea i had. Mh, Pretty old, and weird now that i look at it. Immediately after, always in november, after a little restyle here and there, this was the result of the two main characters: Nyado and Danah.


The comic logo was now definitive, the same can't be said for the two characters-- not yet.

Then the comic was put on hold. I really had a lot to do and no time, nor experience, to go for two comics at the same time... experience i lack of even now, but still, i'm better than i was for sure.


And here we jump in year 2013, directly. Yeah i made some artwork in the meantime, nothing worth to be in this blog for particular reasons, besides for some characters' appearance updates.

What happened in 2013? Well, i resumed working on this comic... by starting it directly. I started to draw a few pages, and i decided to release it the moment my real life would've stopped being a pain in the ass with everything. That moment came just recently. in january 2014. I was working on this comic quite smoothly... then i decided to release it in april 11, 2014. The same date, in 2010, i've released HP! 1X.

In the meantime, i managed to have Aking and Ickle, the main characters of the webcomic Dragon-Snails, in my comic as a cameo (they'll appear somewhere, and they'll have a good role in the story). A huge thanks to the awesome Nestly for this! (visit her DeviantArt page and Dragon-Snails group to find the comic!

Of course, in these years i managed to work on the script, and the other characters, like the Chikian called Biro, in this artwork, together with the Scalpello brothers...

...or Kami (Shad) Raindown, played on these pages by the most awesome Karishad Fox we all know! Yeah, that's him, for real!

(Biro's there too, looking at Kami's ass for some reason)



And... here we are. I hope you'll enjoy (or you've enjoyed, depends on when you read this) all the effort, the soul, the flesh and heart i've put into this comic. This is a really ambitious project, and it's really important to me. Enjoy this weird trip around the universe, where gambling is the only way to "fight" and survive at the same time. Thanks for reading guys! See ya around!


p.s.: tl;dr is promoted and encouraged.

p.s.2: no seriously, no one will blame you for this.

posted by Arty Stu @ 6th Apr 2014, 8:07 PM