You probably noticed by far, but still...! The website is now (FINALLY) a little bit more organized than before. In the upper navbar you'll now find these two buttons:



Multilingual Support and Social Networks. What are those infernal devices? Simply, the two new pages able to collect all the group related things. In Social Networks you'll find all the links to the FB, Twitter and Tapastic THB accounts. But the most important thing, SURELY is the Multilingual Support.


This brand new feature allows EVERYONE to read THB in a comprehensible language. Not just that: it allows YOU to become an official translator. Try and check the Multilingual Support page to check out how and where! And maybe, you'll own a secondary website as Valerio (official Italian translator), with a new website main color, and a completely new country related banner like this!



That's all for today! See ya guys, and have a good read!

posted by Arty Stu @ 9th Jan 2015, 9:33 AM


As you may notice, the site has been updated and powered up!


- New upper icons! Much easier to reach the sub page you need!

- Removed useless icons, like first/last (there's a navigation bar down there after all) and subscribe (I don't really care about subscriptions, not here at least)

- New Facebook and Twitter icons +links! Like and/or follow THB on these social networks to stay updated, read anecdotes about the comic, and see exclusive material like sketches and new artworks!

- Chapter description's in archives! So if you won't remember what a chapter speaks of, you'll be able to navigate with ease

- Stability improvements (because it's a traditionally cool thing to say even when not true)


Enjoy! ^^

posted by Arty Stu @ 20th Oct 2014, 8:40 AM

Dwarf on vacation...!?

Help us in the TWC Dwarf On Vacation Art Contest

A new contest is up on TWC! I made an entry but due to various problems, it's just too late to win anything. But i had fun doing it, so, if you want to take a look and leave a vote, check this link out!

posted by Arty Stu @ 23rd Jul 2014, 11:58 PM

Support me to see THB (one day?) on Comic Chameleon!

Hey guys, i've just submitted my comic to Comic Chameleon, the amazing iPhone app designed to easily read webcomics on it. One day it'll have support for Android, as well! They're working on it

In the meantime, if you have a Twitter and/or Google Plus account, you can support me and THB by showing you want it visible on this app!

At this link, you can post a request for one or more comics. You just have to replace the words "Comic X" with the name of the comic you'd like to see, the rest is done by itself! Of course it'd be great if, between the others, you could help me by submitting "The Highest Bet" in it. It would be awesome to expand on this app and get a little more visibility!

Doesn't matter if it happens now, or later, or never-- sheit, i hope the never statement is not an option. What matters is that i'd appreciate some support. Thank you guys, you're awesome!

posted by Arty Stu @ 27th Jun 2014, 7:47 AM

TWC Contest: Watch Dogs!

Hey guys! I'm participating to a contest on TWC related to Watch Dogs.


The contest won't be open for voting until 05/06/2014, but oh well... when it'll begin, if you like this comic or my other ones, support me by voting my entry!

Thank you guys! :)

posted by Arty Stu @ 29th Apr 2014, 11:50 AM