On the subject of time in science fiction...

24th Nov 2014, 6:13 PM

I fully realize that part of the nature of sci-fi (and also the fun) is being able to skirt and play with certain laws when you need to to make some phenomena and technology possible within the created universe, but still. Rare is it when I see a story take into account the theory of relativity in the way that allows time to pass differently and be recorded differently in different areas in space. For example, say a year goes by on earth, the same amount of time in a whole different star system on a similar-enough planet could easily be to the population living on it only a week.

Typically using this in a fictional universe makes it tricky to keep in check timelines and intergalactic scheduling (not to mention a headache to keep track of for various places for readers), but still the rarity of it has always made me personally want to see a work that does it.

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Arty Stu
24th Nov 2014, 8:00 PM

Unfortunately i'll face just a part of this topic. Most of the time thing will be absolute, i'll say it now because i don't want to create fake hope in it... better be honest ;)

Truth be told, i thought about it. A lot. And at first, that's what i wanted to do. But it resulted in a massive headache and a huge amount of useless details i think not much people would care about. So i decided to keep this short... i'll have a lot of other things to keep in mind and to work on. :)

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Silly Zealot
12th Dec 2014, 7:06 AM

BBefore the disapereance of the humans, an inmense group of Space Missionaries spread the Gregorian Calendar throughout the universe.
Also, everyone is abble to keep track and coordinate schedules perfectly thanks to the Space Internet.

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