This page is dedicated to the various links for the multilingual translation of The Highest Bet.




If you have good skills in comic translation, do not refrain in contacting me! I can provide an official domain for you as well, so you can publish your translation with a link to the main website!




1) I'll accept just one translator per language, maybe two if you know the other one well enough to translate together in a cool organized way.


2) I NEED a serious attitude for this. If you want to be an official translator, you won't be able to stop supporting this all of a sudden, and i'll need someone to replace you. I prefer a discontinuous translation instead of a sudden stop, so please let us work as a team.


3) If you want to be an official translator, i need you to provide at least 3 translated pages. I'll check the graphic quality and i'll find someone who'll be able to check the texts quality for me as well. You can reach me at my FurAffinity userpage (, and/or my DeviantArt userpage ( Send me a PM with the request and the material, i'll see what to do!




I think that's all! See ya guys!